Hi Everyone! 

I'm so happy to see all the new customers from all across the country! We are growing faster than we can keep up! Is that a good thing? I don't know, but we are working! and for that, I am grateful!! 

Just reminding customers, New and Old, that during the busy 3 month holiday season, I can not take any custom orders. We will be making lots of great bags for you to buy as gifts or treats for yourself. If you don't see anything online that hits your sweet spot, then wait a couple days and check back... I will be posting lots of new purses and travel bags throughout November until Dec 16. That will be our last shipping day for Christmas Delivery.

However, I encourage everyone not to wait too long and don't assume a bag will be online next time you come back to look... They sell quick this time of year!

Also, an important note! There are NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES. I know that's a horrifying thought to some....but here's why... We will sell out of everything. We will not have anything left for you to exchange or trade out. It will take months for us to build our stock back up to have a nice selection. Which leads to my last note...No Gift Cards. I get asked all the time if I do gift cards. I cant for the very same reason that I don't do returns. I wont have anything for anyone to buy, 

Having said all those "mean rules", now to tell you the good part!

Whatever you buy from me is going to be a beautiful one of a kind, well made work of art! I stand behind everything I make! Built to last!! Although I do not have a "Superstore Return Policy" I can promise you better quality and better customer service than any of those big stores! We may be small but we LOVE what we do and will do our best to help each and every customer. You can be confidant that what you'll purchase as a gift for someone will be cherished and loved! So don't panic! Just buy plenty of DMD bags!! because they are the best!!! 

We are going to take a much needed break in January before we start gearing up for Spring. 

Thank You and God Bless You!!!


Summertime is such a wonderful time! It is when memories are made with your best friends and finding new friends at summer camp and on fishing trips with your Grandpa, or going to the beach with your family and bringing that extra friend along. All are truly good times and leave you wanting more of those simply good things!

I love the water! Its so peaceful and calming therefore any trip that has to do with H2O, I'm in!

This summer we will be taking our first family cruise! My guys have never been on a cruise so it will be such a treat for me to share this great experience with them.

Of course my thoughts now are about what Im going to wear and pack for our cruise. I'm leaning heavy on keeping it light and simple, but then, I will have my muscle men with me, so, I could take a big suitcase, Hmmm? Swimsuits don't take up a lot of room and thank goodness swimwear attire is considered to be an outfit in the summer!  So packing light should be easy to do! 

I cant wait to climb aboard sporting my DMD Travler Bag with its super comfy strap and adorable fabric, and all of my other "Deirdre" accouterments. I will have my swimsuit on with a cover up of course, Champagne in my "Day Bag" and escorting me will be my two sweet gentlemen, my husband and my son. Ahhhh, Life is good! Cant wait!!

I hope everyone has a delightful, relaxing and exciting summer! If you are in the Monroe area, I hope that you will come by the shop and check all the new things we've added to the store. We are adding mens products as well, that you will definitely want your man to sport!

Bon Voyage Everyone! Carpe Diem, Do Something Fun!!! and make sure you have a "Deirdre Bag"

If you haven't made it by my new shop yet, I hope that you will put that on your list of things you must do!

There's so much more in store and I cant possibly add everything online as things do move quickly. Many one of a kind items and some of the most unique bags, jewelry and all sorts of animal tail accessories! Yes Animal Tails! (I do not kill them, someone else is doing that and hopefully for a good reason as some animals can do major devastation to farm crops etc... I am simply making sure that their fur and tails are put to good use! )

Ive added deer antler tip jewelry to my collection as well. 

All of my designs are my very own unique creations. I will not copy anything someone else has done. I also hope that other crafters out there feel the same way I do. I take pride in being original and making things that others have never seen before. Its called being an artist. I have the utmost respect for other artist as well and I would never copy or take their idea and duplicate what they created. I believe that is called stealing.

On a lighter note, I am so excited about our new items being produced daily! Its just getting better and better! Stay tuned and I will try to keep adding to the web for my out of town customers. But if your anywhere near Monroe, Youve got to come by the shop and experience the DMD bag store! Everything is handmade by me and a couple of my assistants! And we are working so hard for ya'll!!

Happy Valentines Day!! Sweethearts!!

Love ya


The Day Bag is new to my product line.

I've designed this bag to be a large carry all but most importantly be comfortable to carry. The fabrics are durable but soft to the touch and the 2"wide comfortable leather strap really makes this bag a favorite "go to" bag. 

Girls have bought these to use as overnight bags, gym or dance bags, great tote for work, and my favorite is for shopping in NYC.

Ive even had customers buy them and then have them monogrammed with a large initial.

As you can see they are so handy and such a great price too!

And remember the best way to stay organized is to use pouches! So Ive not spent extra time putting pockets in the day bag because I think using pouches instead is more useful. (Please read my enlightening blog on pouches) 


I'm so happy to have this new line of bags using my cut velvet deer heads! Dont believe Ive seen anything like it anywhere! These bags have been an immediate hit. I do believe this is a Louisiana Thing!

I may be wrong but we do love huntin' round here so if thats your thang then this is your bag!

Shop online or at The Factory. 


 I'm thrilled about the decision I've made recently to moved my business out of my dining room. That took a lot of courage for me to leave the comforts of my house and sewing in my PJs at all hours of the day and night. But I figured it was now or never!

I had stayed home all these years so I could be available to my son and have the freedom to take off at any moment. This was quite a luxury and a sacrifice too. I figured that now my son is 18 and no longer really "needs" me, I could take the next step with my business.

I'm very happy to have found such a friendly and fun place to be. I'm a bit far from town but for the time being this will be where I try to grow my production. I'm in the process of looking for qualified sewers and training a few right now to do the operations that I do.

This is a new skill for me as well. I'm having to think a lot differently and take some steps into the unknown. Praying everyday for direction and finding the right equipment and people. I am trusting God big time on this!

Meanwhile, I'm adjusting and feeling pretty good about the new move. I had to have a name for my building and the name I chose is
"the factory".

I knew that I loved my Singer but I had no idea to the extent my love went.

I've sewn on her since I began my sewing business in 1988 designing and sewing swimwear in Jacksonville, FL. She quickly became my favorite of all three sewing machines. More faithful and serving than anything I've ever encountered. 

Fast forward 24 years...She is still thriving and has become as valuable to me as one of my hands, (well, almost). 
I had no idea just how deep my love for this faithful machine was until I accidentally "broke" her. Without going into all the details and stress of getting her fixed, which I did fix her partially myself and partially Mr. Leon, I was faced with a hard reality and the reality was that my beloved Singer was about to be put to rest and I balled my eyes out!! I even cried for Mr. Leon, whom I just met. I was so emotional and although I knew it was silly to cry over a machine, I felt in my heart that she was more than a machine. I know that must sound strange and I was a little concerned of my mental stability as well, but truth is, I dearly love this machine!

One minute I was sewing then one thing lead to the next several things and then I was faced with having to buy another machine!! Heaven forbid! I found that she was not just a valued piece of equipment but She was a trusted friend that I have been with through so many rough times and great times. We have such a history together! She helped get where I am today. Besides all the wonderful people and family that have helped me along the way, my singer has been and still is my most valuable asset. I would not take any amount of money for her. So the day I thought my Singer died was a black day for me!

But the good news is she is not dead and was not put to rest! She is still with me and we are happy and humming along. 

Its too bad they don't make things like they used too. I suppose now manufactures want things to break so we will have to go out and buy them again and again. I really appreciate quality and quality always pays off! 

My goal is to make quality bags. I have a bond with each bag I make. I'm not mass producing volume to see just how much money I can make.  I use quality materials, machines and Love what I'm doing! This way, I'm happy and my customers are happy too!

Long Live Miss Singer! Im honoring you today!! 


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