Reminders for Christmas Shoppers

Hi Everyone! 

I'm so happy to see all the new customers from all across the country! We are growing faster than we can keep up! Is that a good thing? I don't know, but we are working! and for that, I am grateful!! 

Just reminding customers, New and Old, that during the busy 3 month holiday season, I can not take any custom orders. We will be making lots of great bags for you to buy as gifts or treats for yourself. If you don't see anything online that hits your sweet spot, then wait a couple days and check back... I will be posting lots of new purses and travel bags throughout November until Dec 16. That will be our last shipping day for Christmas Delivery.

However, I encourage everyone not to wait too long and don't assume a bag will be online next time you come back to look... They sell quick this time of year!

Also, an important note! There are NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES. I know that's a horrifying thought to some....but here's why... We will sell out of everything. We will not have anything left for you to exchange or trade out. It will take months for us to build our stock back up to have a nice selection. Which leads to my last note...No Gift Cards. I get asked all the time if I do gift cards. I cant for the very same reason that I don't do returns. I wont have anything for anyone to buy, 

Having said all those "mean rules", now to tell you the good part!

Whatever you buy from me is going to be a beautiful one of a kind, well made work of art! I stand behind everything I make! Built to last!! Although I do not have a "Superstore Return Policy" I can promise you better quality and better customer service than any of those big stores! We may be small but we LOVE what we do and will do our best to help each and every customer. You can be confidant that what you'll purchase as a gift for someone will be cherished and loved! So don't panic! Just buy plenty of DMD bags!! because they are the best!!! 

We are going to take a much needed break in January before we start gearing up for Spring. 

Thank You and God Bless You!!!


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