Make Up Bags

The DMD Make Up Bag Collection consist of a few essentials. The Jumbo Make Up, The Vanity Bag and the Slim Pouch assorted Patchwork pouches.

Each style has endless uses and are always made with quality and unique details. And besides all of that, they are so fun to collect as they are always different but somehow look great together.

  • Jumbo Make Up

    This original design was created out of necessity to manage all the small slender items such as brushes, mascara, pencils, etc...
  • Vanity Bag Biscotti Check Chenille - DMD Bags

    Vanity Bag

    The Vanity bag was my first favorite make up bag. Its able to store long bottles and brushes etc. Later to use it even better as a filing system using our slim pouches.
  • Slim Pouches

    They are like CANDY!!
    So versatile and useful are the DMD Slim Pouches. Use them in your Vanity Bag to stay organized. Great for your purse too, you'll want to show them off!!
  • Patchwork Pouch Metallic lamb leather back. - DMD Bags

    Patchwork Pouches & Small Organizers

    Compliment your make up bags and purses with one of our one of a kind pouches.

  • Knit Dress

    Unique & Original! Ladies are loving these new dresses! Comfort and style once again take the lead. Order yours today! Made to order takes about a week so don't delay!!
  • T-Shirts Original Art by DMD

    Getting ready for the summer! Check out the new designs!

Mesh shorts-Gator Gray & Wine - DMD Bags

Original Design Shorts

So excited to offer some cute looks in athletic shorts. Whatever your game is or if your looking to head to the beach or lake, Im sure you would love the fit and feel of these new shorts.

Two styles available. One is a shorter length with a more water resistant feel and the other is a longer length sports mesh. Each style has elastic waist and pockets.

Flip-Flops - DMD Bags

Fun Flops!

New Year, New Flip Flops! Irresistable Beach Shoes and Lake Shoes. I even have a pair with Goochie Poochie! Order yours today!