Moving on up and out...

 I'm thrilled about the decision I've made recently to moved my business out of my dining room. That took a lot of courage for me to leave the comforts of my house and sewing in my PJs at all hours of the day and night. But I figured it was now or never!

I had stayed home all these years so I could be available to my son and have the freedom to take off at any moment. This was quite a luxury and a sacrifice too. I figured that now my son is 18 and no longer really "needs" me, I could take the next step with my business.

I'm very happy to have found such a friendly and fun place to be. I'm a bit far from town but for the time being this will be where I try to grow my production. I'm in the process of looking for qualified sewers and training a few right now to do the operations that I do.

This is a new skill for me as well. I'm having to think a lot differently and take some steps into the unknown. Praying everyday for direction and finding the right equipment and people. I am trusting God big time on this!

Meanwhile, I'm adjusting and feeling pretty good about the new move. I had to have a name for my building and the name I chose is
"the factory".

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