Sweet Summertime!!!! Bon Voyage!

Summertime is such a wonderful time! It is when memories are made with your best friends and finding new friends at summer camp and on fishing trips with your Grandpa, or going to the beach with your family and bringing that extra friend along. All are truly good times and leave you wanting more of those simply good things!

I love the water! Its so peaceful and calming therefore any trip that has to do with H2O, I'm in!

This summer we will be taking our first family cruise! My guys have never been on a cruise so it will be such a treat for me to share this great experience with them.

Of course my thoughts now are about what Im going to wear and pack for our cruise. I'm leaning heavy on keeping it light and simple, but then, I will have my muscle men with me, so, I could take a big suitcase, Hmmm? Swimsuits don't take up a lot of room and thank goodness swimwear attire is considered to be an outfit in the summer!  So packing light should be easy to do! 

I cant wait to climb aboard sporting my DMD Travler Bag with its super comfy strap and adorable fabric, and all of my other "Deirdre" accouterments. I will have my swimsuit on with a cover up of course, Champagne in my "Day Bag" and escorting me will be my two sweet gentlemen, my husband and my son. Ahhhh, Life is good! Cant wait!!

I hope everyone has a delightful, relaxing and exciting summer! If you are in the Monroe area, I hope that you will come by the shop and check all the new things we've added to the store. We are adding mens products as well, that you will definitely want your man to sport!

Bon Voyage Everyone! Carpe Diem, Do Something Fun!!! and make sure you have a "Deirdre Bag"

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