Happy Sweet Hearts Month!

If you haven't made it by my new shop yet, I hope that you will put that on your list of things you must do!

There's so much more in store and I cant possibly add everything online as things do move quickly. Many one of a kind items and some of the most unique bags, jewelry and all sorts of animal tail accessories! Yes Animal Tails! (I do not kill them, someone else is doing that and hopefully for a good reason as some animals can do major devastation to farm crops etc... I am simply making sure that their fur and tails are put to good use! )

Ive added deer antler tip jewelry to my collection as well. 

All of my designs are my very own unique creations. I will not copy anything someone else has done. I also hope that other crafters out there feel the same way I do. I take pride in being original and making things that others have never seen before. Its called being an artist. I have the utmost respect for other artist as well and I would never copy or take their idea and duplicate what they created. I believe that is called stealing.

On a lighter note, I am so excited about our new items being produced daily! Its just getting better and better! Stay tuned and I will try to keep adding to the web for my out of town customers. But if your anywhere near Monroe, Youve got to come by the shop and experience the DMD bag store! Everything is handmade by me and a couple of my assistants! And we are working so hard for ya'll!!

Happy Valentines Day!! Sweethearts!!

Love ya


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