In Love with a Singer

I knew that I loved my Singer but I had no idea to the extent my love went.

I've sewn on her since I began my sewing business in 1988 designing and sewing swimwear in Jacksonville, FL. She quickly became my favorite of all three sewing machines. More faithful and serving than anything I've ever encountered. 

Fast forward 24 years...She is still thriving and has become as valuable to me as one of my hands, (well, almost). 
I had no idea just how deep my love for this faithful machine was until I accidentally "broke" her. Without going into all the details and stress of getting her fixed, which I did fix her partially myself and partially Mr. Leon, I was faced with a hard reality and the reality was that my beloved Singer was about to be put to rest and I balled my eyes out!! I even cried for Mr. Leon, whom I just met. I was so emotional and although I knew it was silly to cry over a machine, I felt in my heart that she was more than a machine. I know that must sound strange and I was a little concerned of my mental stability as well, but truth is, I dearly love this machine!

One minute I was sewing then one thing lead to the next several things and then I was faced with having to buy another machine!! Heaven forbid! I found that she was not just a valued piece of equipment but She was a trusted friend that I have been with through so many rough times and great times. We have such a history together! She helped get where I am today. Besides all the wonderful people and family that have helped me along the way, my singer has been and still is my most valuable asset. I would not take any amount of money for her. So the day I thought my Singer died was a black day for me!

But the good news is she is not dead and was not put to rest! She is still with me and we are happy and humming along. 

Its too bad they don't make things like they used too. I suppose now manufactures want things to break so we will have to go out and buy them again and again. I really appreciate quality and quality always pays off! 

My goal is to make quality bags. I have a bond with each bag I make. I'm not mass producing volume to see just how much money I can make.  I use quality materials, machines and Love what I'm doing! This way, I'm happy and my customers are happy too!

Long Live Miss Singer! Im honoring you today!! 

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