Vanity Bag Get Funky Cheetah

 Our favorite and best selling design for 10 years now!!  The vanity bag is perfect for leaving out on your vanity because #1. it is so cute #2.  It’s so handy to leave your make up your brush his hair spray bottles in this bag. #3  everyone loves how this bag opens up like a big ball and you are able to find everything so easily! #4 When  you’re ready to go, just zip it up and go! #5  they are lined in a vinyl and each one has a different color fabric interior bottom! #6  each style has a crock vinyl bottom that makes the bag sit flat and sturdy!

So there ya have it!! 6 reasons why this vanity bag is so popular after all these years.

size is 13” long x 6”wide x 5” tall


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$68.00 USD